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Complete Pyomo Bootcamp Python Optimization


Complete Pyomo Bootcamp Python is an Udemy Tutorial. Guide for building optimization probelm (operation research) in Pyomo Jupyter and solve it using CPLEX, Gurobi and IPOPT.

What you'll learn

  • Write simple and complex pyomo models.
  • How to mathematically formulate your optimization problems in Python?
  • How to find the duality coefficients of the constraints ?
  • Build a complete understanding of Pyomo models from the ground up!
  • Is it suitable for Mechanical engineering ? Yes, for example : design problems.
  • Is it suitable for Electrical engineering ? Yes, for example : optimal operation and planning of power plants, optimal power flow and etc.
  • Practice Exercises to Confirm the Learnings.
  • Build the skills you need to get your first Operation research / Optimization job /OR Scientist position.
  • How to start coding your optimization problem in Python (pyomo)?
  • Linear programming, Mixed Integer programming, Quadratic programming, Non-linear Programming.
  • Is it suitable for Chemical engineering ? Yes, for example : optimal design of chemical systems, optimal operation of chemical units, pooling-blending, optimal control of a process and etc.
  • Is it suitable for Civil engineering ? Yes for example in traffic management, bridge design , reinforcement planning and etc.

Course Content

  • Intro.
  • Python and Pyomo Installation.
  • Visualization in Python.
  • MatPlotLib package.
  • Pyomo Elements.
  • Create a Dat file for AbstractModel.
  • How to call a .dat file for initializing the instance in Abstract Models.
  • Analysing the output.
  • How to use the examples in this course?
  • Biggest rectangle inside a circle.
  • Biggest cylinder inside a Sphere.
  • Fastest route.
  • Heron problem.
  • Steiner problem.
  • System of linear equations.
  • Hostile brothers in a rectangle.
  • N-Queens.
  • Circle placement in a rectangle.
  • Biggest equal sized circles inside a unity circle.
  • Clash of clans.
  • Biggest circle on a surface with obstacles.
  • Center of mass.
  • Min Queens to cover the chess board.
  • Connected tree.
  • Spanning tree with degree constraints.
  • Connected tour.
  • Conference allocation.
  • Max flow.
  • Graph Node Coloring.
  • Graph Edge Coloring.
  • Facility allocation.
  • Curve fitting.
  • Paper company.
  • Transportation.
  • Hostile brothers in a triangle.
  • Circle placement in a circle.
  • Circle placement in a half-circle.
  • Circle placement in a triangle.
  • Center of mass (negative mass).
  • Pareto optimal front.
  • Dynamic Transportation Problem.


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